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The Frontier Stove
The Frontier Stove is a portable log burner originally designed for use in the humanitarian aid world.
From humble beginnings, this little stove developed a cult following due to its clever engineering and robust
design, and has been heating up the camping world ever since!
Stove Fitter Fowey
The Ultimate Outdoor Stove
The Frontier Stove weighs only 10kg and has a pack size of 51 x 31 x 29cm.
It can pack up this small as the flue sections are stored in the stove’s belly and the legs fold up when not in use. You can cook for a family of 10 on it, and as the flue has a height of 2410mm you will not breathe in any of the smoke whilst cooking.

It is 10 x more fuel efficient than an open fire and if you use correctly seasoned wood it gives off approx. 2.5kW of heat. Available as a separate accessory, the water heater fits around the flue to provide constant hot water on tap. This holds 3L of water and weighs less than 2kg.

What's special about the Frontier stove?
Stove Fitter Wadebridge Completely portable- weighs only 10kg
Stove Fitter Wadebridge Packs up small- only 51 x 31 x 29cm when packed
Stove Fitter Wadebridge No Fumes- Flue height of 2410mm, eliminating smoke
Stove Fitters Wadebridge Highly efficient- 10x more fuel efficient than an open fire
Both the stove and water heater have carry bags available that can even be  strapped together for ease of transport. The Frontier is truly portable and can be taken anywhere you want, to the beach, off camping, or even just used in the garden.
Price list, all inclusive of VAT:
  • Frontier Stove £162
  • Frontier Water Heater £96
  • Frontier Tent Kit £42
  • Frontier Stove Bag £18
  • Frontier Water Heater Bag £9
  • Frontier Heatproof Mat £37.50
  • Frontier Spark Arrestor £18
  • Stove Multi Tool £18
  • Axe £9.50
It can even be fitted into Canvas tents and Tipis or even sheds and summer houses using our flashing kits. This is a great piece of kit and once you have it you will wonder how you lived without it.
Stove Fitter Fowey
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